Main proven benefits


Stimulates the metabolism


Natural antioxidant


Relieves phlebitis


Vitamins A, B, D


Help the disappearance of varicose veins and collagenosis

Who are we?

Aceites Nutri Mich

Born in 2016 it is a 100% family and vertically integrated company dedicated to the extraction of crude avocado and refined oil used in food supplements, cosmetics and food products; and in general everything related to Avocado

Our main focus is the creation of products that are both unique and healthy, the stimulation of employment, the development of sustainable agriculture and the recovery of land, lost due to erosion, through the planting of avocado tree forests.

We are a company that is dedicated to the production of Avocado crude oil, we focus on offering high quality products with the highest efficiency and effectiveness, reducing the negative impact on the environment, without using any kind of chemical in its elaboration, fulfilling with the specifications and requirements of quality and safety, satisfying the demands of our customers, employees and the satisfactory remuneration of the shareholders.


To contribute in an important way in the economic and social development of our community, through the individual commitment of all our collaborators, favoring their professional and personal growth, especially distinguishing ourselves as a socially responsible company.


To be the most competitive, dynamic and innovative company in the Agroindustrial sector in the extraction of Avocado oil, so that customers, suppliers and employees feel proud of the quality in our products.


Reliability, seriousness, honesty, knowledge, accessibility, quality and attention in the service, initiative, continuous improvement, promotion and teamwork are those values that in the processes of extraction of our product, motivate us and help us to move forward.

Avocado qualities

One of the most complete and healthy fruits

Avocado or palta as known in other countries, is a pear-shaped fruit known for its miraculous health and beauty benefits throughout the world.

Originally from Mexico, Guam and Central America, this green, fleshy fruit has been in cultivation since time immemorial.

The avocado naturally loads with innumerable essential nutrients and therefore it is traditionally used for beauty treatments, in addition to being consumed as food.

The avocado boom is not unjustified

It is partly due to its peculiar flavor, but above all for the health benefits it provides, for its vitamins, antioxidants, iodine, high percentage of oleic acid, betasitosterol that helps to lower levels of bad LDL cholesterol and other benefits that still continue to emerge in recent investigations.


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